Hanukah Decoration

Here there are 4 beautiful posters for decorating the class for Hanukah.

In the att. file there are 4 pages for print, each one the size of A4 paper.

Happy Hanukkah!


On the Head!

This fun game is actually a quiz.


Print out the cards. Collect stretchy headbands for all the players.
Sit in a circle, so everyone sees each other.
Each child puts a band on his head and the child next to him picks up a card and sticks it in the front of his band without showing him.
The child cannot see what is on his card, while others see it clearly.
Each child, in his turn, asks the group 3 questions about the card on his head.
Anyone who guesses what the picture is gets another card put in his headband.
The winner is the one who collects the most cards.
For younger children, it is recommended to use only cards with pictures, while for older children different concepts can be written on the cards

Happy Hanukkah!