Hebrew – A Very Special Language!

Hebrew is so different from English!

  In English we write from left to right but in Hebrew the words and letters go from right to left!

 Vowels are shown by symbols instead of letters.

There are no capital letters. Not at the beginning of a sentence and not at the beginning of a name.

There are letters and sounds not found in the English language, like the letter ח (Chet).

Hebrew is a holy language, so our rabbis learn many lessons from the shapes of the letters. In the Torah Scroll, even the vowel points and the crowns on the top of the letters contain very deep meanings.

Learning the Letters

Some children have a hard time learning to write the Hebrew letters and recognizing them. 

In this column we will get to know each letter separately, with signs that will make it easier to write.

The sign will be connected to the sound of the letter, so the child will be able to associate the letter to the sound it makes.

Studying Alfa Bet in Poland, the 1930s

Studying Alfa Bet in Yemen, 1940s