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Seasonal Ideas & Projects

As the new month approaches, we discuss the upcoming holidays of that month in class. Here are some interesting ideas, perspectives, topics for different activities related to the subject, and classroom decoration.

Hebrew-Teaching Tips

The Hebrew language is quite different. It is written from right to left, has a completely different vowelazation, ect. Here you will find alternative ideas and symbols to help the students.

Previous Topics & Projects

Here you will find pages of topics that were discussed in the teacher's corner in the past.
You can review them when the subject of the month in our column is different.


This month theme



Learning Ideas


New On The Teacher's Corner

שום דבר לא נמצא

נראה שאיננו יכולים למצוא את מה שאת\ה מחפש\ת. אולי חיפוש יכול לעזור.