The stories of "Eddie the Teddy" - the curious teddy bear that traveles to various fantasy lands to gain knowledge. Cute stories accompanied by fascinating illustrations of the magical lands visited by Eddie. Alongside animated characters he finds there. Each book deals with a different subject, and opens the door to basic concepts in a light and friendly way, making learning fun.


For each topic you will find beautiful worksheets that require coloring, drawing, cutting, pasting, matching etc. Recommended for the development of your child's skills and coordination.
In our digital world, where children are used to pressing keys, what is important is the development of fine motorization through writing, precise painting, the grip of scissors and pasting, which develop the coordination and integrated functioning of eye-to-hand contact.

Fun in the Kitchen

In the kitchen we use all our senses:
we see a variety of foods of different colors and sizes, we smell the aromas rising from the oven and the pots,
We hear the water bubbling and the whistle of the kettle,
We feel the cold from the freezer and the heat from the fire on the stove,
and we taste a variety of flavors.
It is an ideal place to draw children's attention to colors, shapes, textures and more!

Kid Parties

Would you like to have a party with Eddie the Teddy?

Here you will find various ideas for indoor and outdoor party, including party games, food decorations etc.

You can also print your designed invitation, goody bag decorations, event cards and much more.


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