About Jewnior Club

jewnior kid greenJewnior Club is a new community site for Jewish kids, parents and teachers, of educational and fun activities for Jewish children aged 4-10.

It’s a big job but we love it!

Wondering where we get so many high-quality, original activities to share on this site?

The answer is our founder: Chani Saposh. Chani has been the editor of the monthly Hebrew children’s publication Itonli for over twenty years.

She is a top-level graphic artist, as well as a multi-published author who has a wide range of reading and school books to her credit. Her publications have been incorporated into classrooms throughout Israel. She has also partnered with others in the development and design of many children’s games.

Jewnior Club brings Chani’s work to the English-speaking public via the Web for the first time.


We are still brand new and we appreciate your visit, your feedback and your support.

Please share this site with other Jewish children, parents and teachers who will enjoy it. We upload new activities every week, so sign up for our free newsletter to get first access to them.

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